Thanks to Mike Wistow of for his review of The Distance.

“The songs reflect Langran’s knowledge of poetic tradition and seem like poems set to music.”

” … the ability to write songs for people to join in with is a canny skill. There is much about this album which is understated, but as I’ve kept listening, I’ve found that I hum along to many of the songs.”

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BBC Introduces …

Many thanks to Dean Jackson of BBC Introducing for playing our song To Be Continued on the Beat. Thank for the great comments too … “A really good song” indeed. We hadn’t figured it could be a Christmas hit. Maybe we should remix with some sleigh bells?

Dean Jackson

The show is available on iPlayer until January 23rd.


Folkwords Review

Thanks to Tom Franks of FolkWords for reviewing The Distance:

“There’s a subtle understanding verging on tenderness permeating this album, combined with a quiet authority that allows the songs to come to you through their poetic lyrics, delivering their messages and holding your attention throughout.”

the distance cover

The Distance (2017)

” ‘The Distance’ is rich with lyrical gems, from ‘Time’s Dark Wing’ and ‘Jessie’s Gone’, through ‘Whose Angel Child’ and ‘You’ve Got To Love This Road’, to ‘In The Fall’ and ‘The Rule Of The Heart’ – each one leaving you trapped in their magic and aching for it to remain.”

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